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Easy Vape Tricks that Make You Look Like a Pro

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways of smoking cigarettes and marijuana in the past few years. The main reason why most people prefer vaping over the traditional smoking is that it is a classy and healthy way of smoking. Apart from the other proven facts that vaping mods are less harmful compared to the regular smoking of cigarettes and marijuana, most people prefer it because of its numerous advantages. Anyone can, therefore, perform some cool vaping tricks like the Ghost Inhale, waterfall, dragon and several others as discussed herein. And for starters, you can start practicing with a beginner-friendly kit like the icare vape kit by eleaf. Keep reading to apprehend some of the easy vape tricks that make you look like a pro.

Ghost Inhale

lady vapingGhost inhale, or ghost hit is the easiest trick that even amateurs can try without too many hassles. It resembles a Casper release of a vapor-ball followed by sipping it back in. The ghost inhales the most natural vape trick that can render you a pro in front of your peers.

You can perform the Ghost Inhale vape trick by making a long drag while allowing it to linger into the oral cavity. Hold it for just a few seconds and then let the vapor out in a ball-shape. To make this successful, you need to open your mouth throughout the session and stick it out in an O-shape. Do not force the vapor; hold your breath for a second while you let it out.

The Waterfall

This is another amazing and easy trick that everyone can perform regardless of their vaping experience. With the waterfall vaping trick you can entertain your spectators. If for instance, you are gathered around a table with your peers, you can show off your vaping skills by performing the waterfall trick.

The Jellyfish

The jellyfish vaping trick is one of the most challenging vaping tricks around. However, this does not mean that you cannot perform it if you are a beginner. To win a vaping competition, try the jellyfish trick and thank me later. You have probably seen people play the jellyfish in a spectacular vaping race. If you want to learn a new and technically advanced vape trick, try jellyfish.


To perform a perfect tornado, you need to carry out regular practice to get it right. This does not mean that you will have to strain to get it right. It is straightforward only that it requires a ton of practice to get it the right way. For this one, you need a toilet paper roll to perform well. Merely inhale a long pull of your e-cigarette then exhale the vapor through the toilet paper roll. After that, use your hand in chopping the surface downwards and then flick your wrist and arm up simultaneously.

The Dragon

It takes the characteristics of whatever that takes place in vape lounges. It is just as easy as ghost inhale. Thus you do not need to make a ton of practices to get it performed right. If you spot an individual blowing vapor out on the sides of their nostrils and mouth in one motion, they could be playing the dragon. You can as well try it today and show off with your friends.